Pre-construction Services

Thayer Street’s Pre-Construction Services involve different approaches based on the type of project and can prove to be invaluable in almost every scenario. When you consult Thayer Street Associates early on during your construction process, your project will run more smoothly, on time and on budget. By working with clients one-on-one, all of their questions can be answered, challenging concepts can be explained, and they can feel empowered to be innovative within their budget. Our team combines their extensive experience to trouble-shoot any unexpected obstacles, schedule extensions, or budget restrictions that could impede progress. This will result in developing more reliable timelines and more realistic expectations.

We try to give clients as much information up front as possible so they have the necessary data to make informed decisions. Building strong collaborative relationship with our clients is something that we pride ourselves on. Our Pre-Construction service advantages include, but are not limited to: filling in gaps or providing alternative approaches through the different stages in the design process, creating detailed blueprints and renders, recommending more cost-efficient, sustainable, and/or resilient materials, evaluating the various skill sets of local subcontractors, and focusing on your specific project goals and deadlines. For example, we have the knowledge and experience to help you evaluate renovation projects while keeping in mind the costs and schedules associated with remodeling an existing structure, new or old. Contact us today to find out how Thayer Street Associates’ Pre-Construction Services can benefit your project.